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Transform your life through nutrition

It’s personal! You are an individual and so is your health. Every person I see has a unique reason for visiting. So, when we work together, we’ll use an integrated, whole-person approach that is based around your goals. From the very first session, we’ll look into your nutritional needs, your lifestyle, budget and even your kitchen abilities.

Sometimes small steps are good, sometimes huge leaps – whichever one suits you, we can adapt your nutritional therapy solutions and help you transform your health and your relationship with food.

Personalised Nutrition

Give Me 12 Weeks To Change Your Life!

Personalised nutrition works on providing the body’s systems and organs with the vital nutrients it needs to repair, renew and restore bodily functions. It takes 120 days (on average) for cellular renewal to take place. It’s a real case of ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day!’

My promise is to give you back your health if you commit to 12 weeks of working together.

Nutritional Consultation


Personalised nutrition works on your unique health and nutritional requirements.

Meal Planning


A delicious and nutritional meal plan based on your individual needs and requirements.

Health transformation


A bespoke, personalised nutrition plan created to meet your unique lifestyle & health needs.

Weight Loss

Tried every ‘fad’ going? Tired of the Yo-Yo effect?

Metabolic Balance® is a precise and individually designed nutrition programme that will help you lose weight, balance your metabolism, and get YOU back in the driving seat.

It will add simplicity to your day to day life – no more calories to count, no shakes or starvation. Just real food and great results!


Hi, I’m Andrea

A Registered Nutritional Therapist with nearly 20 years of experience in clinical practice and a healthy infatuation with nutrition and health.

My purpose is to help you unravel the complexity of your health conditions and give you back your vitality!

I’m obsessed with well-being (my friends have told me that a lot)! I read a lot…. I’m constantly keeping myself up to date on the latest research and scientific news on everything and anything food and nutrition related.


Your Free Guide to Mindful Eating

Creating new habits and better relationships around food starts with changing your behavior.

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Some happy clients

"I recently attended the Weight Loss workshop and I have to say Andrea really knows her stuff. She helped me to realise how much i didn't know about weight loss and I thought as an expert dieter I knew it all! Her presentation was clear and addressed all my questions - I'll be back for more!"

JB - Warwick

"Andrea was a brilliant presenter. She has so much great information to share and she does it in a way that is interesting yet informative. I could listen to her all day long!"

AC- Solihull

"Losing 36 lbs or 15% of your body weight in the course of 3 – 4 months is sometimes tough but ultimately life-changing! My GP looked at me open-mouthed when he first saw the ‘new’ me and is very pleased at the positive effect on my blood pressure…. Thank you so much for your support and advice, it’s helped me to tackle a problem that I’d seen as insurmountable."


Ann M

"Andrea quite literally changed my life, by working with me on a personal level she gave me the small changes my body needed. I met Andrea and worked with her because of extreme abdominal pain that occurred every month, some months worse that others. The advice given by Andrea enabled me to make small and manageable changes that have resulted in a pain free year for me and increased energy and sense of well being."


"Andrea has changed my life!! I feel better than I have for a very long time. Easy to follow dietary changes have given a whole new approach to healthy eating with the added advantage of oodles of energy!"


"Andrea offers a personal and professional service that is supportive and straightforward. She does not overly complicate what needs to be done so that it fits with your lifestyle, yet ensures you meet your nutritional goals. I would highly recommend her."



“I was suffering with headaches, skin problems, health problems and recurring infections. I was overweight and Metabolic Balance® gave me immediate results with weight loss, plus removed the bad headaches and improved my skin, infections and general health. It is a fad free, easy to follow programme that will get you back to enjoying good food without feeling guilty afterwards. And another plus is you feel so much better and sleep is better too."



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