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This is a bespoke functional nutrition plan created to meet your unique lifestyle and health needs.

The programme begins with assessment and analysis. You will be asked to complete questionnaires, food and symptom diary and medical symptoms checklist before the initial consultation.

The initial consultation is an opportunity to discuss your goals and objectives, health history, current symptoms and current diet and lifestyle status. The information you share on the questionnaires will form the basis of the consultation.

All sessions will take place online using video chat (preferred) or via telephone. This session is 60 minutes. The main objectives are:

  • To establish your health goals
  • Create a timeline of medical and health history
  • Look at your current diet and nutrition, supplements and medications
  • Take details of your work, family and lifestyle so that we can create a realistic and unique plan
  • Following the initial consultation, all questionnaires, food and lifestyle diaries and assessment forms will be interpreted and analysed along with the additional information from the consultation.
    A nutritional report with recommendations will be created for you with details of your case presentation. A bespoke nutritional plan will be drawn up with advice for food, supplements* and lifestyle. Any functional tests* will also be recommended on the report.

    *Please note these are at additional cost to the programme/consultation fee.

    Additional sessions will take place every 2 weeks and are included in the full programme price. Regular contact and reviews are essential for the programme to be successful. Prices start from £695.

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