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Give me 12 weeks to change your life!

Personalised nutrition works on providing the body’s systems and organs with the vital nutrients it needs to repair, renew and restore bodily functions. It takes 120 days (on average) for cellular renewal to take place. It’s a real case of ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day!’

My promise is to give you back your health if you commit to 12 weeks of working together.

Personalised nutrition uses an approach to address the underlying imbalances of an individual’s body systems that may be contributing to their symptoms. PN looks at ‘why’ an imbalance may have occurred through evaluation of a person’s health history, laboratory testing and sets out to restore balance and optimise function. All clinical recommendations are evidence based.


This nutritional approach identifies lifestyle factors that are most important for each person. Lifestyle factors include:

  • Microbiome
  • Intestinal permeability
  • Metabolism
  • Immune function
  • Inflammation
  • Blood chemistry
  • Stress management
  • Exercise and movement
  • Sleep quality
  • Hydration
  • Nutritional status

    Eating Your Way to Better Health

    The benefits of Personalised Nutrition:

    Each and every nutrient and lifestyle factor has an impact on your body.

    • Boost your energy
    • Increase your performance
    • Improve your sleep quality
    • Manage your metabolism
    • Help relieve pain
    • Reduce inflammation
    • Balance hormones
    • Restore cognitive function/li>
    • Look and feel great

    Personalised Nutrition is beneficial for everyone, whether you have already been diagnosed with chronic illnesses or you have been told you are at risk, or even if you are perfectly healthy. It is an approach that helps everyone achieve the health that they individually aspire.

    How does Personalised Nutrition work?


    I support and work with:

    • Autoimmune Health Conditions
    • Personalised Weight Management
    • Chronic health or long term health problems
    • Individual nutrition coaching
    • Personalised Meal Plan Service
    • Corporate health and wellness

    How I work:

    • 1 to 1
    • Online, virtual sessions via video
    • Corporate groups and presentations
    • Based in UK, but can work anywhere

    What I Do

    Nutritional Consultations


    Transformation Plan


    How can I help you? FREE 30 Minute Personalised Nutrition Consultation.

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