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Do We Really Have Zombie Cells?

Do we really have zombie cells?

How can you stay young, from the inside out!?

It happens daily. Another day older, another day of ageing. We can’t stop getting older, but we can slow down the ageing progression.

Its all about our cellular health.

Zombie cells. What really? Well, not the official term but they certainly behave like that.  The official term is ‘senescent cells.’

All cells have a certain lifespan and younger cells have dealt with less wear and tear and are more efficient in their particular functions.  A senescent cell is an older cell that is not functioning at a high level.  It is still working but at a much lower level of efficiency and not effectively enough to maintain the overall health of an organ or tissue of the body.

These cells are metabolically inflexible and have trouble using fatty acids for fuel.  They rely on sugar/glucose metabolism and produce energy very inefficiently and create a lot of metabolic waste and produce cell signalling factors that promote inflammatory conditions in the body.

These are cells put the entire body at risk of the development of disease processes because of their dysfunction.  While the development of a senescent cell is a normal process, we should be removing these as fast as we create them through autophagy.  As people age, we develop more of these decaying cells and therefore, the stimulation of autophagy is even more critical for the well being of the individual.

So what is autophagy and how do we get rid of these ‘zombie cells?’

Autophagy happens when your body recycles and gets rid of old or excess cells (like fat) that don’t serve a purpose or benefit your health.  The major drivers of autophagy are cellular stressors such as nutrient deprivation brought on from various mechanisms including fasting, exercise and significant temperature change.

The Nobel Prize in 2016 was awarded to the Japanese researcher Yoshinori Ohsumi for his breakthrough work in helping us understand the process of autophagy and how it works.

How Does Autophagy Happen:

The word Autophagy is derived from the Greek “Auto – Phagein” meaning “self eating.”  This is a form of cellular recycling where the cell itself will metabolize various components in order to reuse those to build new and healthier cellular structures.

The major driver of autophagy is cellular stress.  Stress refers to an environment that demands change.  Our body is constantly looking for a level of physiological balance called homeostasis which is necessary for survival.

During times of nutrient deprivation such as fasting, exercise, etc. the body needs to load up on raw materials to fuel the metabolic machinery to produce the necessary energy for survival.  To do this, the innate intelligence within our body signals to break down the older cells and cellular organelles that are working less efficiently to create newer cells that work to produce energy more efficiently. Hence why intermittent fasting strategies are so effective at cellular renewal.

Welcome to Zinogene!

The scientific researchers at Zinzino have created a product that effectively removes senescent (zombie) cells and promotes the release of stem cells. This is basically the same action as autophagy. The compounds in the product are powerful plant and mineral ingredients that detoxify and remove the senescent cells, whilst the polyphenols and fucoidans act as powerful antimicrobials and anti-ageing.

Zinogene is also a powerful nutritional supplement to support oral health. Anyone suffering from periodontal diseases, gingivitis, bleeding gums etc  will benefit from taking a daily dose as the compounds in Zinogene form a non-stick coating to the teeth which prevents the build up of tartar and plaque (researchers have shown that after 2 weeks tartar drops away).

Recommendations for a superior anti-ageing nutritional strategy:

  • Omega 3 Balance Oil – 0.15mls/Kg daily
  • Zinobiotic – prebiotic fibre blend – add a scoop daily to drinks, yogurt, food
  • Zinogene – after initial detox programme (see below) take one a day to ensure removal of senescent cells
  • Xtend – a daily multi-immune nutritional supplement – 2 a day

Initial recommendations for Zinogene

My recommendation for anyone over the age of 50 would be to take Zinogene for 14 days at 4 capsules a day to remove senescent cells, then stick at a maintenance dose of 1 capsule daily.

To order your Zinogene click here

Zinzino offer subscription premier offers which save you up to 45% off the retail price. Subscriptions are for a minimum of 6 months and early cancellation will incur a cancellation fee.

ZinZino are a world renowned health and wellness company which started in Scandinavia and has recently launched in the UK.  Their products are backed my medical research and their quality is one of the best I have encountered within the vast nutritional supplement world! 

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