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Case Study – Paul’s Journey

Case Study – Paul’s Journey

Who doesn’t love a real life before and after story?

No photoshop or clever camera angles, just a real person sharing their story of how their life has changed for the better.

I’ve been lucky enough to help Paul on his journey to banish symptoms of IBS and to improve his gut health and he was keen for me to share his story to show how this programme could help others.

We were introduced after I worked with Paul’s wife to develop a personalised nutrition plan centred around reducing her migraines. After seeing the results, Paul himself contacted me following years of suffering with stress and abdominal pain.

After more than 20 years as a Nutritional Therapist I am well aware that people may approach programmes designed to tackle chronic illnesses with a sceptical outlook. Paul openly admits he was doubtful but embraced the plan and quickly saw improvements.

Over three months Paul lost over 10KG and is now able to identify trigger foods, allowing him to better manage and avoid IBS symptoms.

Here’s Paul’s story so far…

“I first contacted Andrea after she had helped my wife with a diet plan to reduce her migraines.

I’d had a mental and physical breakdown that had left me with severe abdominal pain, stress and anxiety. I had spent years taking anti-acid medications and had been tested for bowel cancer.

Diagnosed by the medical professionals as having high acidity, I was simply prescribed Omeprazole and left to manage my symptoms.

I contacted Andrea and in our first call, she sensitively listened to how I was feeling.

She recommended a number of tests and proposed a strict Paleo Diet to remove many foods that cause inflammation in the body. Initially, I was sceptical and frustrated with the limit on so many foods, but I embraced the diet plan and quickly began to see some improvements.

Over the following three months, with regular meetings with Andrea, we added important supplements to my diet, changed to a FODMAP diet and removed even more foods whilst still retaining a healthy diet. I lost over 10KG, began exercising again and slowly began to regain my health and my confidence.

I still have issues with my gut, but I can now identify the trigger foods and am managing my symptoms. I continue to take supplements to ensure that I’m receiving all the nutrients I need but I feel healthy, fit and in control of the pain and discomfort that had blighted my life for many years. And I haven’t taken an anti-acid tablet in nearly 5 months!

I recommend Andrea wholeheartedly for her sensitive, supportive, educational and knowledgeable approach that quite simply has brought me back from a very dark place indeed.  Thank you”

Perhaps you can see some of yourself in Paul and the experience he had suffered with for years? I welcome anyone who is experiencing this discomfort to get in touch, we can have a conversation and discuss your needs and how you too could change your life.

By now you’ll be aware I’m launching a brand new IBS focused programme for 2021 to help you repair and restore you digestive function, banish bloat and IBS discomfort forever!

I’m also offering a free place on the programme for the person who can help me come up with the best title for the programme!

Enter your suggestion for the competition here if you have one! Or if you simply want to find out more then enter your details and I’ll keep you updated with exclusive updates around the programme and it’s launch in the New Year.

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