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ZinZino – A Nutrition Protocol For Health, Healing And Happiness.

ZinZino – A nutrition protocol for health, healing and happiness.

As lockdown was announced and my client base all but disappeared, I researched an alternative source of revenue to help keep my existing business afloat.  


ZinZino are a world renowned health and wellness company which started in Scandinavia and has recently launched in the UK.  Their products are backed my medical research and their quality is one of the best I have encountered within the vast nutritional supplement world! 


I tried their products (always try before I buy) and have witnessed amazing results.  


They are currently providing a Health Protocol which I personally believe every single person would benefit from taking right now during this health crisis. 


ZinZino Health Protocol consists of 3 supplements: 


  • Balance Oil – an exceptionally high quality, superior Omega 3 fish oil (vegan also available) 
  • ZinoBiotic – a blend of natural food sourced prebiotics to support gut health
  • Xtend – a multi immune vitamin and mineral supplement with added beta-glucans for immune health
  • Plus a Balance Test – ZinZino are currently testing people before and after taking their products so that you can see for yourself the impact on health and in particular, inflammation. 

An initial outlay of £210 which includes the test and supplements for 2 months, thereafter, £66 per month for a minimum period of 6 months (this is how long it can take to reset your body’s inflammation).


Take a look here for further information on ZinZino.

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