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I stumbled upon Nutrition by mistake really.

My son, now 28 years of age, was born with a rare chromosome abnormality. Apart from the challenges of a severe learning disability, he suffered constantly as a young child with behavioural, mental, physical and digestive problems. After years of suffering (and a multitude of conventional drug treatments), he was seen by a Nutritionist who found that he had several, specific food intolerances, including dairy and wheat. With a change of diet, the results were immediate.

He was 7 years old and the days as a Mum of 2 boys, one who was hyperactive and had challenging behaviour were exhausting. Anyone who has children with special needs or children with autism, will understand how demanding those days could be. The day I left the child psychiatrist with a prescription for Ritalin was the day I decided that something else needed to be done, so this was the time I searched for a nutritional therapist.

I’d always had an underlying feeling that he had a dairy problem – but was told back in those days that he had to have cows milk, he needed to get the calcium!
Anyway, tests confirmed that he was highly intolerant to all dairy – not just lactose, and gluten, so we had to embark on a strict gluten free and dairy free diet.
And the results were astonishing. Within 2 weeks (and it was tough believe me) he stopped the high pitch screaming. He stopped the kicking out and lashing out at me and his brother. He wanted to eat rather than mealtimes being a battleground. His skin rashes and eczema were less red and inflamed. His bowels were no longer diarrhoea (he was still in nappies).
So, we persevered with this new dietary approach and it changed his life. He is still gluten and dairy free but it is so easy to manage nowadays with all the various options available.
His health, wellbeing and behaviour all showed a rapid and marked improvement. He has continued to improve over the years following the nutritional interventions and is now a thriving, healthy and happy young man.

I take care of his gut health and we carry out various functional tests to make sure he is balanced. Over the last couple of years, I have used products to support his gut health and immunity and I’m pleased to report that when he caught covid this year, he bounced back in no time at all, with very few effects.
He was my reason. I watched with amazement as he grew into a healthy, happier young boy. He still has learning disabilities and he requires support for that but his health is stronger than it has ever been and I’m eternally grateful to him for showing me the path to Nutritional Therapy.

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